20% of the people we surveyed have never made a donation and 41% donate less than twice a year

Contributions to social causes are limited due to a lack of trust and the significant effort required to find the right charity

It costs charities about €20 to raise €100. Finding new donors, and growing contributions continues to be a challenge

Our Mission

Grow donations to trusted non-profit partners by providing users a simple and secure platform to discover and support causes that matter to them

Our Values

Keep it simple

We want to make donating or raising money really easy

Build Trust

We seek to build trust with every interaction

Inspire action

People want to have a greater impact. We hope we can inspire them to take action

Empower users

We want to give our users more control over their social impact

The Team

Amrita Banerjee
Founding Board Member
Head of product, Wallet and Checkout @Uber. 17 years of payment experience across software development, sales and product management
Grenville Fernandes
Founding Board Member
Senior Technical Program Manager @Uber. 18 years of experience delivering business and technology change mainly in banking and payments
Jeroen Stam
Founding Board Member
Partner at De Processpecialisten

Frequently asked questions

While we are a non-profit, we do charge a 10% fee to keep the platform alive. On an average it costs charities €20 to raise €100 of donations. Via Impact Sharing this is reduced to €10, which means more money goes to the cause. The fees we collect from the charities go towards:

  • Infrastructure and operational costs
  • Maintenance and development of the platform
  • Payment processing fees
  • User growth (marketing, etc.)
  • Tax and legal costs
Our platform is set up so that donations are transferred directly to the charity via our payment service provider partner. Only the platform fees (10%) reach our account
In short - nothing. Our mission is to increase donations to these trusted charities. While our platform does provide some great features like donation history, the ability to stop monthly donations with 1-click, etc. we are happy if our platform helps users support a worthy cause (via our platform or otherwise).
Our goal is to launch to donors in the Netherlands in Q1 2022

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